• Member recruitment
  • Member retention
  • Social media management
  • Branding and web design
  • Information technology services
  • Business administration
  • Financial management
  • Fundraising
  • Grant writing
  • Administrative policies and procedures
  • Public relations

At the Center for Community Based EMS (CCBEMS), we believe that the best emergency medical service care for a community begins at the local level. CCBEMS understands that volunteer and career emergency medical services agencies are facing historic new challenges with recruitment efforts, administrative compliance, and workforce needs. The core mission of CCBEMS is to assist volunteer and career community-based Emergency Medical Service (EMS) agencies in order to address these challenges and serve patients in the community.

  • EMS policy review and development
  • Clinical policies
  • Operational policies
  • Compliance and audit policies
  • New employee orientation programs
  • Governmental regulatory compliance
  • Education and training
  • ePCR program review
  • HIPAA, Medicaid, and Medicare support
  • Human resource management
  • EMS billing services​
  • Continuous quality improvement (CQI) review
  • Standard operating policy review and creation
  • Medical equipment inventorying, evaluation, and preventative maintenance
  • Vehicle preventative maintenance program
  • Accident prevention programs
  • Credentials management services
  • Member training
  • Regulatory compliance


About Us & Services

  • Agency guideline writing & review
  • Quality assurance and inspection of patient care reports
  • Personnel scheduling
  • Credentials and certification management
  • Equipment and supplies purchasing
  • Logistics, equipment, and supplies management
  • Regulatory agency compliance: OSHA, PEOSHA, NJ OEMS, EMSCNJ, DHS, DOT ANSI, NFPA
  • Training program development for EMTs and emergency vehicle operators
  • Incident action plans and event action plans
  • After-action reports
  • CEU and CME training for staff
  • Personnel skills management and skills competencies
  • Connecting agencies with mutual aid providers vetted by CCBEMS 

 Expert AnalYSIS services

Risk Management & Assessment services

The Center for Community Based EMS (CCBEMS) is committed to providing leadership support to volunteer and career Emergency Medical Service (EMS) agencies throughout the United States. 


Administrative Management Services

The Center for Community-Based EMS (CCBEMS) believes in helping volunteer and career community-based Emergency Medical Service (EMS) agencies with long-term sustainability plans in order to serve their community. The CCBEMS team comes from volunteer and career EMS organizations, which uniquely qualifies our team to understand the many challenges facing Emergency Medical Service (EMS) agencies. The dedicated, professional team at CCBEMS provides decades of experience in EMS administration, management, and operations. CCBEMS has a proven track record of turning around struggling EMS community-based agencies.